Kolinsky hair-serial 1012

Round brush from pure kolinsky hair is excellent for many classical techniques. This series comes to an extra fine point maintaining that during use and possesses great strength and spring. Color carrying capacity combined with fine pointing is ideal for painting continuous fine lines as well as thick applications of color. Flow control possibility is appreciated by professional oil and watercolor artists. Lacquer impregnation of the handle prevents the possible ingress of moisture. You can paint comfortably on the easel due to the balanced length of handle, which allows you to assess your entire work as a whole, keeping the hand at a distance


- tempera, watercolor, gouache, oil,

Brushes are characterized by:

- level 1 stiffness;

- manual hair processing;

- high hair-quality,

hair treated by hand;

- the softness of the bristles;

- long, light, balanced varnished birch wood handle,

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