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Gold Maison Dauvet

Since 1834

   Immerse yourself in the glittering history of Maison Dauvet, France's oldest and most renowned gold beating company.It all began in 1834, when Pierre Buisson, a Parisian gold beater, founded an eponymous company in Paris.

   In 1860, the arrival of goldbeater Jules Dauvet marked a turning point in the history of the company, which became "Buisson & Dauvet Fils". The Dauvet family, descended from a long line of goldbeater dating back to the French Revolution, modernized the gold leaf production process, adding new alloys and inventing original shades of color such as Ripaille Gold.

   In 1940, the Dauvet family moved production to Excenevex, near Switzerland, to protect their equipment and workers from the German occupation.


An international name

   For more than 180 years, Maison Dauvet has continued to develop, taking its place at the forefront of innovation. In 1975, it produced platinum and palladium foils. Together with these suppliers, we develop poliments, water-, oil- and alcohol-based emulsions, protective and polishing varnishes, and special paper textures.

  Today, Maison Dauvet's gold leaves can be found in many national palaces and museums, among the greatest works of art, such as the Dôme des Invalides in Paris, the Shakespeare Globe Theatre in London, the Flame of the Statue of Liberty in New York, the Dôme de l'Église Orthodoxe in Geneva, the Signal au Mont-Blanc and the Pavillon des Banques Swiss in Basel.

   With such a rich and prestigious history, Maison Dauvet remains an essential reference in the field of gold leaf and gilding, ready to sublimate your most ambitious projects.



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