Kolinsky hair serial 1117

Round brush from soft pure kolinsky hair feels right in the hand thanks to balanced wooden handle. Anodized aluminum ferrule with mechanical crimping securely fixes matt black handle with brush head preserving its conical shape. This brush has excellent spring; short length-out makes hair even more flexible, so that it is perfect for impasto and watercolor techniques. Conical brush head combined with fine pointing lets you apply think strokes and model medium-sized and large objects as well as fine lines and detailed works 



- tempera, watercolor, gouache, oil,

Brushes are characterized by:

- level 1 stiffness;

- manual hair processing;

- high hair-quality,

hair treated by hand;

- the softness of the bristles;

- long, light, balanced varnished birch wood handle,

- gold hardware (anodized aluminum).

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