Squirrel brush- series 1417

This round squirrel brush lets you paint comfortably on the easel due to the balanced length of handle, which allows you to assess your entire work as a whole, keeping the hand at a distance. Chrome plated brass ferrule with mechanical crimping securely fixes matt black handle with brush head preserving the shape. The brush is ideal for watercolors as squirrel hair is thin, soft and elastic. The brush has an excellent liquid absorbency and output, thereby providing smooth one-tone painting


- tempera, watercolor, gouache, oil,

Brushes are characterized by:

- stiffness 0

- manual hair processing;

- high hair-quality,

hair treated by hand;

- the softness of the bristles;

- long, balanced varnished birch wood handle,

- silver (chrome plated brass) ferrule

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