Natural pigment- Burnt glauconite

Aluminosilicate of iron, silica and potassium oxide of variable composition, belongs to the group of hydromica


Color: yellow-brown, with green shadow.

Chemical description: aluminosilicate of iron and potassium oxide. Chemical formula: (K,Na)(Fe3+,Al,Mg)₂(Si,Al)₄O₁₀(OH)₂Fe² (PO) 8HO

Light resistance: 8

Alkali resistance: 5

Acid resistance: 5

Form: powder

Coverage: medium

Used for techniques: acrylic, tempera, watercolor, gouache, oil, fresc, ceramic

The pigment was made by crushing and grinding. There may be insight uncrushed mineral in the package.

Pigments may contain harmful substances, so remember about safety rules.

Safety rules

- use eye and hand protection,

- cover the respiratory tract, do not eat,

- keep away from children,

- wash your eyes in case the pigment gets into your eyes

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