Natural pigment- Azurite

Azurite is a natural blue basic copper carbonate. The color of a pigment depends largely on their size and surface structure. Our employees perform elutriation and flotation of the feedstock, which provides richer colors. Thus, we achieve two different shades from one mineral from bright blue to deep blue. 


Color: blue

Chemical description: basic copper carbonate. Chemical formula: Cu3(CO3)2(OH)2

Light resistance: 8

Alkali resistance: 5

Lime Resistance: 5

Acid resistance: 4

Form: powder/ grain

Mohs hardness scale: 3.5

Used for techniques: acrylic, tempera, watercolor, gouache

The pigment was made by crushing and grinding. There may be insight uncrushed mineral in the package.

Pigments may contain harmful substances, so remember about safety rules.

Safety rules

- use eye and hand protection,

- cover the respiratory tract, do not eat,

- keep away from children,

- wash your eyes in case the pigment gets into your eyes

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