Kolinsky hair Master 301T

Round brush from top quality finest Siberian kolinsky hair is an irreplaceable tool for watercolor, oil and miniature painting. Natural elasticity of kolinsky hair allows to work in impasto technique. The extensive color absorbing ability is achieved by hair stiffness at the connection to cooper chrome-plated ferrule. The brush holds a needle-sharp point, which is necessary for subtle and detailed work. Handle has glossy chemical-resistant covering. This series is packaged in a transparent plastic tube for safe transportation and extra protection

Brushes are characterized by:

- the highest quality manual selection of bristles,

- hair treated by hand;

- high hair quality ;

- elastic bristle ;

- silver chrome hardware;

- a short, varnished handle made of birch wood, which is well held in the hand;

- each brush is in a special plastic tube, which additionally protects the brush.

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