Squirrel brush series Master 341MY

  • Seria Master 341MY

Special series for icon-painting is from selected Siberian squirrel hair (particular tail part of squirrel preyed in winter time). Handle coloration is patented. Anodized aluminum ferrule with mechanical crimping securely fixes handle with brush head preserving the shape. Soft and elastic hair is perfect for watercolor and gouache techniques. With the help of flexible brush tip you can paint fine details and long thin lines without hair loss. Besides, the area where an artist holds the brush is not painted, what provides the convenience in work. Depending on size and pressure, different brush strokes can be applied


- size 0-3 is suitable for fine lines and fine details,

- size 4-6 is suitable for painting the background and large details


Brushes are characterized by:

- stiffness 0

- manual hair processing;

- high hair-quality,

hair treated by hand;

- the softness of the bristles;

- long balanced varnished birch wood handle,

- gold (anodized aluminum) ferrule

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