Punic wax medium

Product produce by  Zharovstudio Minsk Belarus


Traditional wax-tempera medium for icon painting. Perfect for working on traditional glue-chalk


Advantages of the wax-casein tempera.

Paints dry very quickly; the hardness of the paint layer is much superior to any other paint. This

is very important for future preservation of the icon.

• Wax medium is transparent and does not distort the color of blue and white pigments like egg


• Has excellent adhesion to any materials, paints are freely and easy applied on gilded surfaces.

This is very useful when drawing halos, ornaments, inscriptions and red frames. The paints are very

durable and will not rub off.

• Icon painted with wax- casein tempera could be covered with all kind of finish varnish. It not

need to be coated with linseed oil «olifa», like egg tempera. Olifa usually turns yellow quickly and dries

for a long time.

• The wax medium is stored for a very long time (more than one year).

Preparation of paints:

Dry pigments preparing on a glass plate with mortal, using this emulsion and dry pigments. (as well as

with egg). Add so much emulsion as it is necessary to a pigment. Wax medium is ready for use and we

not recommended to add water during the preparation of paint. During the painting you can add water

if it need, but than please add some medium too.

Since wax paints have a little bit thicker structure, we recommend using kolinsky brushes or soft



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