Natural pigment- Shungite

Precambrian rock, which in composition and properties is intermediate between anthracite and graphite. There are varieties of black, dark gray and brown shungite. The pigment is charcoal black. Has high sorption capacity. Glazing. Possesses high lightfastness.


Color: black

Chemical description: mineral with a high carbon content of 65%. Chemical formula: C

Light resistance: 8

Alkali resistance: 5

Acid resistance:5

Form: powder

Coverage: high

Moos hardness scale: 3.5

Used for techniques: acrylic, tempera, watercolor, gouache, fresc, ceramic

The pigment was made by crushing and grinding. There may be insight uncrushed mineral in the package.

Pigments may contain harmful substances, so remember about safety rules.

Safety rules

- use eye and hand protection,

- cover the respiratory tract, do not eat,

- keep away from children,

- wash your eyes in case the pigment gets into your eyes

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